Hit Man: A Love StoryHIT MAN: A LOVE STORY – ©2016

Jared Wright – Director
Chris Vibberts – Music
Thomas Harrigan – Producer
Dustin Heald – Special Effects Makeup
Tyler Dawson – Actor
Ashley Peoples – Actor
Andrew Sensenig – Actor

Hit Man: A Love Story – Facebook

A story about love and other tragedies.

First and Final Frame – HIT MAN: A LOVE STORY from Jared N. Wright on Vimeo.


Why Not Home?WHY NOT HOME? – ©2016

Jessicca Moore – Director/Producer
Chris Vibberts – Music and Sound
Kelly Collins Geiser – Associate Producer
Michael Lindemuth – Cinematographer
Erin Wrightsman – Photographer

Why Not Home? – Facebook

A brave group of doctors and nurses challenge assumptions when they go outside the hospitals where they practice and have their own children at home. Set on a journey by her own experience with birth, filmmaker and nurse practitioner Jessicca Moore gains access to a previously untold story; doctors and nurses who attend hospital birth and chose to have their own children at home. She explores what is known and unknown about safety and the experience of birth in America.

Why Not Home? Trailer from Jessicca Moore on Vimeo.


The Riddle of the Black CatTHE RIDDLE OF THE BLACK CAT – ©2012

Jonathan Rinzler – Director/Writer
Chris Vibberts – Music and Sound Design
Greg Knight – Art
David Sidley – Editor
Tom Fiske – Prisoner X

The Riddle of the Black Cat – J.W. Rinzler

The horrifying 150-year-old mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s perverse masterpiece–solved at last! Legendary detective C. Auguste Dupin matches wits with mastermind Prisoner X. After several brutal crimes have been committed, Dupin must reveal whether the perpetrator is an insane victim of the supernatural–or a psychotic genius. Elegant visuals and haunting melodies intertwine to breathe new life into an eerie tale of rotting flesh.


The People's NepalTHE PEOPLE’S NEPAL – ©2010

James Ellison Wills – Producer/Director
Chris Vibberts – Music
Peter Coyote – Narration
Pamela Bell – Executive Producer
Sudarason Karki – Videography

The People’s Nepal – IMDb

The story of the Revolution in Nepal in 2006. Never before seen footage and interviews with people who where there and participated in the ‘April Uprising’ that overthrew the King and established Nepal as a republic. The world was transfix with the ‘war on terror’ and largely ignored the culmination of decades of political aspirations of the Nepalese people. The untold story of the Revolution in the Himalaya.


FabricatedFABRICATED – ©2015

Brett Foxwell – Producer/Director
Chris Vibberts – Sound Design
John France – Sound Design
Ryan Mauk – Sound Design
Andrew Poole Todd – Music

A journey of discovery and a story of rebirth, set in an alien world that was once our own. Amidst the decay of the old world, a new world is being born.
The image capture is digital, but everything you see was built and hand-animated. There are no computer-generated elements within.

'Fabricated' stop-motion excerpt reel from bfophoto on Vimeo.


Money & LifeMoney & Life – ©2014

Katie Teague – Producer/Director
Michelle James – Producer
Chris Vibberts – All Instruments – End Credits Arrangement of “Magic Penny”
Rose Logue – Vocals

Money & Life

MONEY & LIFE is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity? This cinematic odyssey connects the dots on our current economic pains and offers a new story of money based on an emerging paradigm of planetary well-being that understands all of life as profoundly interconnected.

ANIMATIONS FOR MONEY&LIFE from Samplistic on Vimeo.


Second NatureSECOND NATURE – ©2009

Colin Blackshear – Producer/Director
Ari Marcopoulos – Co-Director
Chris Vibberts – Music
Nathaniel Aslaksen – Music
Dru Down – Music
Quinn McCarthy – Music
J.M. Duran – cast
Patrick Rizzo – cast
Noah Sakamoto – cast
Sector 9 Film

In an exploration of the abstract and the extreme, Second Nature is an examination of the natural boundaries of the human body. Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran star as the test subjects as they wield skateboards and blue suits to race down the roads of the High Sierras in California.

* Winner: Best Extreme Sports Film at the 2009 Mammoth Film Festival *
* Winner: Best Short Film at the 2010 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival *
* Winner: Best Sports Film at the 2010 Sonoma International Film Festival *
* Winner: Best Adventure Sport film at the 5 Point Film Festival in Colorado *

Second Nature (Sector 9) Full Film from Colin Blackshear on Vimeo.


For the Price of a Cup of CoffeeFOR THE PRICE OF A CUP OF COFFEE – ©2007

Hypatia Porter – Producer/Director
Chris Vibberts – Music

Green Planet Films

What is the cost of convenience? Follow the life cycle of a paper cup and the environmental repercussions of a society reliant on convenience. Filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area with interviews from local activists and experts. This film is full of information that all consumers should know about the products that we use everyday, and the steps we need to make towards a more sustainable world.

* Winner: Best Documentary – Epidemic Film Festival 2007 *
* Winner: Best Environmental Documentary – Cabbage Town Short Film Festival 2007 *


Where's George?WHERE’S GEORGE? – ©2010

Kobie Lyons – Director
Chris Vibberts – Music
Zachary Kranzler – Lou
Alie Ward – Anita
Tim Wiggins – Obnoxious Guy
Kevin Carraway – Producer
Thomas M. Harrigan – Producer
Lee McLaughlin – Producer
Lawrence Sara – Producer

One night, one city, one stripper, one hooker, one cop, 35 guys, one jerk, one drummer, one artist, 25 lives, 18 stories, 1 film, 1 connection… dollar.


Touching the Face of GodTOUCHING THE FACE OF GOD – ©2008

George Manatos – Producer/Director
Chris Vibberts – Music
Douglass Schneider – Star/Artist

Douglass Schneider Art

An engaging foray into the mind and artistic process of Bay Area artist Douglass Schneider.

Touching The Face of God from George M. on Vimeo.